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As a copy coach, I offer a range of workshops, to help you to write draft copy for your landing page or website, in under an hour!

I'll provide prompts, guidance, structure and support, to take you from a blank piece of paper, to a draft page of copy - by the end of the hour-long workshop!

Choose from the Landing Page Workshop or the About Me Page Workshop, or go for the Website Copy Coaching Package, with 3 workshops and a professional copy edit.

Why choose my workshops?

Experienced Teacher

As well as being a copywriter, I'm also a former teacher, used to delivering staff training sessions too


I'm passionate about helping people to get their message across with copy that their ideal client will relate to

Positive Feedback

The workshops work - I have had positive feedback from everyone who has taken part in previous workshops

Upcoming workshop dates, information and booking links:

Website Copy Coaching Package - (£180)


3 workshops and a professional copy edit

  • Are you struggling with writing or updating your website copy?

  • Do you keep avoiding it on your 'to do' list?

  • Would you love to feel confident that your message will reach your ideal clients?

Each of these three guided, interactive Zoom workshops lasts around an hour.


By the end of each one, if you have followed the prompts, you will have a draft page of copy.

Monday 7th, 14th and 21st October 10-11am

"I highly recommend Sarah Davis' website copywriting workshops. They are very structured and to the point and you actually get your copy in an hour. I bought the package of 3 workshops and she also reviewed my copy. It helped me so much with my website copy!"

Landing page Workshop - (£40)

  • Are you stuck for what to write when it comes to sales copy?

  • Are you fearful of sounding too 'salesy'?

  • Are your feelings about sales holding you back?

My live training session can take you from a blank piece of paper to a draft landing page - in under an hour!


During the workshop, I'll help you to reframe your thoughts about sales copy, talking about what 'heart-led' sales means and why it's an effective way of attracting clients.


Then, I'll guide you through the process of writing a landing page.


If you follow my step-by-step guide, by the end of the hour, you'll have your own, draft landing page, reflecting your offer and your business and tailored to the needs of your ideal client.

Monday 23rd September  10-11am​​

"I recently did Sarah's 'How to write heart led sales copy for a landing page' 1 hour workshop and was blown away. She talked us through easy to follow steps and by the end I had a whole draft landing page written! Normally this would take me hours and keep editing it, though with Sarah's encouragement and nurturing way I came away feeling way more confident about my writing. Jam packed with soo much value. Thank you Sarah, I'm so grateful."


Hannah Dudley


About Me page Workshop - (£40)

  • Are you struggling to decide what to include in your ‘About Me' page for your website?

  • Are you concerned about waffling or sounding dull?

  • Does your 'About Me' page read like a CV instead of a story?

My live training session can take you from a blank piece of paper to a draft 'About Me' page, in under an hour, without using AI.

During the workshop, I'll help you to focus on your journey, motivation, ideal clients and unique selling points. If you follow my step-by-step guide, by the end of the hour, you'll have your own draft 'About Me' page, telling your story in a way that will attract your ideal clients.

Monday 7th October 10-11am

"You gave me practical tips that were so easy to implement and you broke it down into bitesize chunks so that it wasn't overwhelming too. I love that I had something I could use at the end."



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