Are parents your target audience?

As The Parenting Copywriter, I provide content which is concise, practical and empathetic.


Nothing is more important to your clients than their children - so gaining their trust and confidence in your product or service is key. 

I'm Sarah. As a copywriter, my empathy, insight & skills in this field, come from my own personal & professional experiences - as a parent, a teacher and an author.


I provide engaging content that parents can relate to, which

  • attracts more business

  • generates more sales

  • inspires trust

  • keeps clients coming back for more


Who can benefit from a parenting copywriter?

Anyone whose target audience are parents and who wants to spend more time developing their products or being with clients.

For example, manufacturers and retailers of baby products and children's toys,  independent midwives, doulas, pregnancy experts, nannies, breastfeeding experts, authors, conference organisers, pre-school leaders, nurseries,  suppliers of children's clothing, baby shower organisers, event planners, authors of children's books and more.

What Can I Do For You?

 My role is to provide content for your business,        that will make your prospective clients sit up, take  notice and fully engage with what you are offering.

As a copywriter

I can provide the text for:

  • websites

  • blogs

  • sales letters

  • brochures

  • e-mails

  • press releases and more

Hiring an experienced copywriter, leaves you more time to focus on your product or service.

As a copy editor

I can ensure that your marketing and sales documents:

  • are reader friendly

  • have the right tone for your customer base

  • use the minimum words for maximum effect

The process

To get started on your project, I'll need to ask you some questions about the idea, product or service that you wish to promote, including your target audience & the impact you are looking for. 


We can either do this by having an informal chat or via e-mail. From there, I can help you to get your message across to your clients.  


Your information will help me to provide the words which are most suited to marketing your product or service & reaching your customers. 

My experience

As an experienced copywriter, I'm used to working with UK and international clients.  My background as a teacher, an author and a parent, makes me ideally placed to write copy that will engage parents.

As a published author, I've written my own copy for marketing and promoting my book, 'Baby Daze,' securing an order of 680 copies from one company, as well as engaging media interest with my pitches. 

Having been described as 'a people person, who would fit into any team,'  I'm a good communicator.  I pride myself on the personal touch and love working with the people behind the business ideas, helping them to connect with prospective clients.  I'm reliable, efficient and known for my attention to detail, my passion for projects and throwing myself 100% into achieving goals. 

My story 

I have a B.A. (Hons) degree in English and Education. Having spent years as a teacher, encouraging children to write, I started developing my own enjoyment of writing more. 


After the birth of my son, I had a book published, 'Baby Daze,' which reflects the first 9 months of parenting a new born.  It was recommended in 'Mother & Baby' magazine's '3 of the best funny books' feature and the pregnancy company, Dear Bump, have included it in their subscription boxes.







     'Baby Daze,' on display in Waterstones


This led to doing talks at Mamas & Papas and Mothercare and also writing articles on various aspects of parenting.  As well as parents and expectant parents, my audience reach has included maternity professionals, medical professionals and councillors.




         The launch event of Baby Week Leeds




Realising that I wanted to use my writing skills more, I became a copywriter.  My focus is on providing content for businesses, whose prospective clients are parents - whether at the pregnancy and birth stage, toddler years, pre-school or the school years.  

          It's all in the words!


 Great copy has the power to   inform, inspire, influence and   persuade people.

 It can turn an amazing idea   with potential, into a best-    

 selling must-have.  

 Contact me to arrange a chat 

 about how I can help you to 

 reach more clients.




 "the insight the author has on all aspects     of motherhood is amazing"

A. Rawson

            "hardworking & reliable"

             "analytical & accurate"

  "I find her supportive, enquiring and         professional and I always value her well   articulated views"

Richard O'Donnell


“Sarah’s writing shows a wide range of talent! She has submitted content posted on our blog and is always welcome to submit! We’ve seen her point of view on a few parenting topics described in various ways, from comedic poetry about Soft Play to a nurturing poetic take on finding new mothers to befriend. Her writing style breaks up the monotony of an average blog and creates something fun and unique!” 

Lauren Serpico

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