My story so far


As well as The Parenting Copywriter, I'm also a wife, a

mum, an author and a former primary school teacher.  These   

life experiences led to choosing to work with baby, parenting 

and educational brands and businesses.

I have a B.A. (Hons) degree in English and Education.  Having spent 

years teaching children to write creatively, I started enjoying writing

again for myself.

After the birth of my son, I had a book published, 'Baby Daze' which reflects the first 9 months of parenting a new born.  It was recommended in 'Mother & Baby magazine's '3 of the best funny books' feature.  

This led to doing talks at Mamas & Papas, Mothercare and the launch event of Baby Week Leeds and also writing articles on various aspects of parenting.  As well as parents and expectant parents, my audience reach has included maternity professionals, medical professionals and councillors. 

Realising that I wanted to use my writing skills more, I trained as a copywriter.  My focus is on providing content for businesses, whose prospective clients are parents - whether at the pregnancy and birth stage, toddler years, pre-school or the school years.

As an experienced copywriter, I'm used to working with a range of clients.  My background makes me ideally placed to write copy that will engage parents.

As a published author, I've written my own copy for marketing and promoting my book, 'Baby Daze, securing an order of 680 copies from one company, as well as engaging media interest with my pitches.


I'm reliable and known for my attention to detail, my passion for projects and throwing myself 100% into achieving goals.  I pride myself on the personal touch and love working with the people behind the business ideas, helping them to connect with prospective clients.

Please see the Work with me and Services pages, to learn more about what I offer and to read what my clients have to say.