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'Baby Daze'

A book signing event

I'm Sarah Davis, the author of 'Baby Daze,' which was recommended in 'Mother & Baby' magazine's '3 of the best funny books' feature and has sold over 1,100 copies.

I didn't set out to write a book.  I wrote the short, light-hearted poems totally unexpectedly, while up for the 3am feeds.  By the time my son Matthew was 8 months old, there were 40 poems!  I put it down to hormones, the peace and quiet and the intensity of emotions.  I think that my subconscious was trying to make sense of the impact that having a new baby has, on all aspects of life. 


'Baby Daze' reflects the rollercoaster of parenting a new born - from the sentimental to the humorous, with feelings and experiences familiar to all new parents.

Talks for new and expectant parents

As the author of 'Baby Daze,' I was invited to speak at events at a variety of venues and events, including at Mamas & Papas, Mothercare and the launch event of Baby Week Leeds.

I've spoken on various topics, including my experience as a breastfeeding mum and the importance of making connections.  My audience has included expectant parents, new parents, maternity professionals and councillors.  I've also written guest posts and articles for numerous on-line sites.  

As the poems are short and relatable, I've used them as a starting point in mums' groups, to encourage new mums to open up about their own feelings and experiences.  This has been really successful in helping them to normalise their own emotions.

 ​​"As a maternity professional it is often difficult to reach women on an emotional level and to help them identify how they might be thinking and feeling. I believe that this book does just that! One of the most valuable tools in any woman's motherhood journey is to feel seen, to feel understood and as if they are not in this alone. Baby Daze provides insight, solidarity and a feeling of community and I highly recommend it as a gift for a new mama or to even buy it for yourself!"

It's not just for mums!  Grandparents, midwives and new dads love the poems too.  Here I am pictured with Leeds Dads (a local group of dads with young children, who organise social meet ups and activities).


Buy the 2nd edition of 'Baby Daze' here, published by Malba Books:

Baby Week Leeds, 2018
Leeds Dads

'Baby Daze' media coverage

Baby Daze cover.jpg

'Baby Daze' has featured in a variety of national publications, including:

  • Mother & Baby magazine

  • Motherdom

  • Chat magazine

  • Woman magazine

I've also been interviewed live on BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio Gloucestershire, as well as an interview on Talk Radio Europe.

A selection of poems from 'Baby Daze' 

  Getting to know you

The scan and seeing the beating of your tiny little heart,

Knowing that it’s really only just the very start.


Growing ever bigger as you struggle to find room.

Feeling kicks and hiccups as you move inside the womb.


Hearing your first cries just as you come into the world

Beginning your life’s journey – as yet to be unfurled.


The gripping of my finger with your tiny little hand

The feelings and emotions only parents understand.

Nappy Days

Oh, my goodness he’s not happy

He has got a filthy nappy!

He just let out such a trump

The explosion made me jump!

Catapulted him off my knee

Hardly dared to look and see!

It’s on his back and legs as well

I can’t describe the awful smell!

I had better make it snappy

His feet are getting in the nappy!

I’m worried about his poorly tum

Don’t want to seem a fussy mum!

But it has given me a fright

I want to check that he’s alright.

Doctor said that this much poo

Is common – “It’s what babies do!”

Mums and Babies Group


My local Mums and Babies group

Helps to keep me sane.

With adult conversation

To stimulate my brain.


When I am feeling anxious

It helps to get me through

To hear that all the other mums

Have fears and worries too.


We talk about our babies

And get stuff off our chest

And reassure each other

We can only do our best.


We have a laugh and giggle

About the week we’ve had

Sharing our experience

The good things and the bad.


By the time our tea is finished

And we’ve put the world to rights

We’re re-energised to face

Another week of sleepless nights.

       The Future

I’m sure that in the future

We’ll have many conversations

When you will tell us all about

Your plans and aspirations.


I hope that you will use

The many things that you’ve been taught

And we will be right there

If you want guidance or support.


You know we’ll always love you

Whichever path you choose

Whichever of your skills and talents

You decide to use.


When it comes right down to it

What I want most for you

Is independence, health and happiness

And to have your dreams come true.


Where can you buy 'Baby Daze' from?

​Buy the 2nd edition of 'Baby Daze' here, published by Malba Books:

For the trade price (for 10 or more copies) contact Mary:

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