Work with me

As The Parenting Copywriter,  I specialise in working with baby, parenting and educational brands and businesses, to provide content tailored to clients who are parents.


The best content to reach busy parents has to be concise and practical, yet also empathetic and trust inspiring.

With my background as a former teacher, a mum and the author of 'Baby Daze,' I have vast experience of communicating with a parent audience.

My copywriting services

I provide a variety of  copy for businesses, including: 

  • websites

  • landing pages

  • blog posts

  • newsletters

  • course programmes

  • press pitches

  • press release statements

  • product packaging

  • social media posts

Please see my Services page for further information and prices.

My process

All of my copy packages start with an initial chat, to find out about your personal strengths, unique selling points and the motivation behind your business, as well as details of the product or service you offer.  In this way, I can ensure that your copy will reflect your vision and values,  meaning you are most likely to reach your ideal clients.


Here's what some of my clients have said about working with me:

Tracey Stevenson


Sarah is brilliant to work with.  From our initial chat she totally got what I was about and the ethos behind my business.  Very professional and efficient, it's a joy to work with her.  Highly recommend.

Mei Wai Leadbetter


I would highly recommend Sarah to write your copy.  As a person who finds it difficult to express in writing, Sarah has done a fantastic job in writing professional copy for my website and also my blog.  Turnaround very quick and lovely personal approach.  Will happily continue to use her copywriting services as my brand grows.

Janine McDonald

(Clear The Clutter Now)

I highly recommend Sarah, The Parenting Copywriter.  She's as enthusiastic about your business as you are.  She really listens to you and then works absolute wonders with the written word.

Kate Stewart

(I Know This Girl)

Sarah was a delight to work with. She really took the time to get to know me, my tone and voice and really understand my offerings. She captured my story perfectly into words for my new website.

Jo Leccacorvi

Working with Sarah was an absolute pleasure. I had a really informative call with her regarding the copy on my website. I knew that I needed to rewrite it and tweak certain parts, but I was really unsure where to start and how to go about this. Sarah made this process really easy by taking a step-by-step approach and asking me the right questions to draw information that she could work with. Sarah was brilliant at making me see how useful my other skills are from a previous work life can be useful for my current business. As a previous reviewer said, Sarah is so much more than a copywriter. Thank you for your help Sarah.

Claire Owen


Meeting Sarah has been a turning point for my business, her ability to calm my crazy mind and help to focus and identify the next step makes her 'So much more' than a copywriter to me.  Have a call with her she will put you at ease and you will 'know' if she is the right lady to help you.  Her work has been simply magic for me to nail my message and to have confidence in my content so I feel proud and excited to share my message with the world.  Thank you Sarah for the love and attention you give to everything you do.  You are simply the best!

Colette Fretton

I met Sarah on a networking call and immediately connected with her.  I asked her to write the copy for my website as I was struggling with writing it myself.  We had a chat where she asked questions about my business and then presented a draft copy of content in a matter of days.  With only a few minor tweaks we were done.  Sarah is lovely to work with and approached it very professionally and in a calm manner.  I was so relieved to have clarity on my business, my service and ready to go content.  I would highly recommend Sarah and her listening and writing skills.

Holly Foster


I've just had one of the best business clarity calls I've ever had since I started my business in February!!! Sarah helped me to deep dive into my experiences I have had and how that relates to my new ideal client and how I can connect with them, work with them and help not just them, but their customers too, as it's so important to me that I help people that help people. It became apparent to me that I have been variously working with my ideal client for 10 years, and it only just clicked with me this morning!! Sarah, you're a genius!! Thank you so much for our call; I appreciate it so much; you're incredible!!! I'm so excited to start making some changes in my business adventure now I can think more clearly in the direction I want to go in. Thank you.  

Lauren Serpico


Sarah's writing shows a wide range of talent!

She has submitted content posted on our blog and is always welcome to submit!  We've seen her point of view on a few parenting topics described in various ways from comedic poetry about soft play to a nurturing poetic take on finding new mothers to befriend.  Her writing style breaks up the monotony of an average blog and adds something fun and unique.

Safi Abdi

Working with Sarah was lovely, she took the time to listen to what I really wanted and she was about to get all the information in my head into beautifully written words.  As a dyslexic person this service is valuable and I look forward to working with Sarah to get my dream of writing a book into a reality!  I couldn't recommend her enough.    

Jennifer Jones

(Jennifer Jones Styling)                           

Sarah is fantastic! She really got to know me and my business and understood exactly what I wanted to achieve with the copy on my website. She completely overhauled it all and improved the focus, so that the copy on my website reflected how my business has developed over the past year. I'm very excited to start replacing the copy with her work. I'd highly recommend Sarah if you're wanting to ensure your website connects with your ideal clients.