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Client testimonials

Here's what some of my clients have said about working with me, including website copy clients, blog copy clients and clients who I've supported with message clarity and copy coaching:

Website copy package clients



Note: Due to clients making changes to their copy over time, as their businesses evolve, the copy on the sites below may not be as I originally wrote it.

Sarah is brilliant to work with.  From our initial chat she totally got what I was about and the ethos behind my business.  Very professional and efficient, it's a joy to work with her.  Highly recommend.


Tracey Stevenson


I highly recommend Sarah, The Parenting Copywriter.  She's as enthusiastic about your business as you are.  She really listens to you and then works absolute wonders with the written word.

Janine McDonald

(Clear the Clutter Now)

Sarah is fantastic! She really got to know me and my business and understood exactly what I wanted to achieve with the copy on my website. She completely overhauled it all and improved the focus, so that the copy on my website reflected how my business has developed over the past year. I'm very excited to start replacing the copy with her work. I'd highly recommend Sarah if you're wanting to ensure your website connects with your ideal clients.

Jennifer Jones

(Jennifer Jones Styling ) 

Sarah spent time listening to my story and my passion for helping people. She helped me update some parts of the content of my website, but also created new, more easy to read paragraphs for my home page and about me page, as well as creating content for a 'work with me' page that I'd not done before. She was open to suggestion and tweaked the first draft so it flowed in exactly the way I wanted. She provided an efficient and thorough service - highly recommended!

Sarah Fish

Sarah was a delight to work with. She really took the time to get to know me, my tone and voice and really understand my offerings. She captured my story perfectly into words for my new website.

Kate Stewart

(I Know This Girl)

Working with Sarah was lovely, she took the time to listen to what I really wanted and she was about to get all the information in my head into beautifully written words.  As a dyslexic person this service is valuable and I look forward to working with Sarah to get my dream of writing a book into a reality!  I couldn't recommend her enough.  


Safi Abdi 

I met Sarah on a networking call and immediately connected with her.  I asked her to write the copy for my website as I was struggling with writing it myself.  We had a chat where she asked questions about my business and then presented a draft copy of content in a matter of days.  With only a few minor tweaks we were done.  Sarah is lovely to work with and approached it very professionally and in a calm manner.  I was so relieved to have clarity on my business, my service and ready to go content.  I would highly recommend Sarah and her listening and writing skills.

Colette Fretton

It was such a joy it was to have the opportunity to work with Sarah. She took the time not just to ask questions to get to know me, but we had a lovely conversation in which she was able to pull information and convey it in written form that truly felt like it was in my voice. Thank you Sarah for your skill in capturing in words the essence of me!

Denise Melvin (a nanny and the owner of an agency for nannies)

Blog post and newsletter clients


I've written for clients who want just 1 blog post or 1 blog post a month, to a client who requested 7 blog posts a month for 20 months.

I'm really enjoying working with Sarah.

As a founder of a start-up I'm juggling so many different roles. I knew I needed some support to be able to deliver a consistent fortnightly newsletter and a monthly blog article.

Sarah has an incredible knack for taking my scattered notes and ideas and transforming them into beautifully clear and engaging copy.


Her monthly blog posts are not only informative but also infused with a sense of passion that resonates deeply with families interested in nature-based parenting and outdoor learning. Every time I read one of her articles, it's like she's speaking directly to my readers and me. It also feels in alignment with my brand voice.


The bi-weekly email newsletter she crafts is equally impressive. The newsletters are well-structured, easy to read, and they perfectly capture the essence of outdoor learning and the wonders of nature.


I have seen a significant increase in interaction from my subscribers since I started sending out the fortnightly newsletters.


What truly sets Sarah apart is her dedication and professionalism. She took the time to understand my vision, target audience, and unique voice, which reflects in the exceptional quality of her writing. She's not just a copywriter, but a collaborator who genuinely cares about the success of my blog, newsletter and business.


If you're a parent focussed business or educator, I cannot recommend Sarah enough. Her writing skills are beyond compare, and her ability to bring your ideas to life is simply remarkable. Working with her has been a game-changer for my business, and I'm excited to continue our partnership in the future.


Thank you, Sarah, for your outstanding work and dedication!

Rachel Mills

(Buttercup Learning)

If you're looking for someone with knowledge in the parenting world, coupled with fab writing skills, then Sarah is your lady!


Sarah produced four great quality blog posts for my client who is in the baby/nursery product sector.


I was really impressed with how quickly she delivered ahead of the deadlines. Definitely recommend!

Amanjit Heer

Sarah has been writing my blogs for the last 6 months, as I was finding it more and more difficult to prioritise getting them written myself!


Sarah manages to capture my business voice perfectly, and has written blogs for my website on a variety of craft related topics. She is always happy to add suggestions to further enhance my ideas, and will tweak her writing if needed. (Although I think I’ve only had to ask once!)


Sarah is always amazingly prompt with her writing, and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to gain some time back for their business.


My website traffic has been higher since Sarah has been writing for me too! Good for the SEO!


Thank you so much for your continued writing Sarah!

Rebecca Willis

(Yarny Bees)

Message clarity and copy coaching clients

As well as writing 'done for you copy' to reflect your voice, vision and values, I also offer website copy audits, clarity calls and copy coaching workshops. 

I got the "Message Clarity Package" and within just that one call, Sarah gave me so many tips and helpful guidance for my website and copy! She asked exactly the right questions to help me get clearer on my unique selling points and how to best bring them across. After the call, I just couldn't wait to implement all the changes - it was so motivating to finally feel like I had found the right angle and message to help my audience. I highly recommend Sarah's services!


I booked a Message clarity package with Sarah. Firstly Sarah is so approachable and friendly. She is easy to talk to as she gathers information on you and your business. Sarah's guidance on how to use my story to connect with my audience and market to my ideal client was an hour well spent. It was an amazing session, I can't thank you enough!

Katie (Baby and you)

Sarah, you're a genius!! Thank you so much for our call; I appreciate it so much; you're incredible!!! I'm so excited to start making some changes in my business adventure now I can think more clearly in the direction I want to go in. Thank you.


​Holly Foster (HF Designs) 

Working with Sarah was an absolute pleasure. I had a really informative call with her regarding the copy on my website. I knew that I needed to rewrite it and tweak certain parts but I was really unsure where to start and how to go about this. Sarah made this process really easy by taking a step-by-step approach and asking me the right questions to draw information that she could work with. Sarah was brilliant at making me see how useful my other skills are from a previous work life can be useful for my current business. As a previous reviewer said, Sarah is so much more than a copywriter.

Jo Lec

I recently attended Sarah's "How to write heart-led sales copy" workshop and wow!


Sarah's attention to detail, but calm and no nonsense manner means she guides you through a process that takes writing sales copy from a task that feels difficult and overwhelming, to something so simple and easy to do!


By the end of the workshop, I had a draft copy of a landing page and a new belief that actually, I can write copy. I'm not a fan of long, pitchy sales pages so this method was a breath of fresh air and felt so right. Thank you Sarah! Highly recommended here!

Claire Baker

I recently did Sarah's 'How to write heart led sales copy for a landing page' 1 hour workshop and was blown away. She talked us through easy to follow steps and by the end I had a whole draft landing page written! Normally this would take me hours and keep editing it, though with Sarah's encouragement and nurturing way I came away feeling way more confident about my writing. Jam packed with soo much value. Thank you Sarah, I'm so grateful.

Hannah Dudley

I attended Sarah’s website writing workshops. They were just what I needed as I have a block to expressing myself in writing and had been putting it off. I appreciated the love Sarah put the workshops, her guidance and structure made it so much easier to write my website in a way I was happy with. 

Sarah Monreal

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