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Ideal client or ideal clients - how specific do we need to be about our target audience?

Updated: May 10

In my experience, small business owners tend to hang out in 3 different camps, regarding the ideal client debate:

Camp 1 - the people who have a finely honed 'ideal client avatar' - a several page document about their ideal client, with their name, age, number and ages of children, clearly defined shopping habits, hobbies, a favourite colour and more

Camp 2 - people who have a clearly defined target group

Camp 3 - those who think that niching is a bad idea and that appealing to everyone is the way to go

So, who is right? Well, this is an intriguing question. In my opinion, the best options by far are Camps 1 and 2 (niching) and personally, I'm happily settled in Camp 2, focusing on a clearly defined group.

Why is niching great for business?

Owners of start-up businesses, may often feel like they need to throw their net wide to kick start their business and the idea of having a narrower focus, can feel like turning away valuable work opportunities. In reality, by trying to appeal to everyone in our messaging, we're more likely to end up appealing to no-one and a narrower focus can actually bring more clients, as we are seen as more specialist, which inspires confidence.

When we have it in our head who we want to work with, we can use language that will appeal specifically to them, examples that we know they'll relate to and our passion for what we offer will shine through. Not only will our ideal clients find us, but other potential clients will be drawn to us by our enthusiasm and expertise and we'll be increasing our chances of getting new clients, rather than reducing them.

When I trained as a copywriter and set up my own business, I niched from Day 1, working with people whose target audience are parents. It was the best thing I could have chosen to do. With my background as a teacher and as the author of a book for new and expectant mums too, niching as The Parenting Copywriter was perfect for me. I'd spent years communicating with a parent audience, directly in conversation and through a variety of written documents and I knew the importance of copy being clear and concise for busy parents, but also the need to inspire trust and confidence in the language used.

Has niching limited my reach? Not at all. While most of my clients are small business owners who work with parents (my target group) I've also written copy for larger companies and for a wide range of coaches, an event planner, a financial advisor and a feather hat pin designer! As I write in a way that reflects the voice, vision and values of my clients, my work always has a wonderful variety to it.

How can I identify my ideal client(s)?

An ideal client is someone that you know you'll enjoy working with and who will appreciate your style and approach. They will be able to afford your products or services and may be interested in working with you further down the line too, as they encounter new challenges that you can support them with. Often, our ideal clients are very similar to us, but further behind on their journey. They

How can I attract my ideal client(s)?

  • Ask questions in your marketing that you know they'll answer 'yes' to

  • Use language that they will engage with

  • Share elements of your own journey that you know they'll relate to

  • Share testimonials to demonstrate where you have taken similar clients from and to

  • Share your passion, enthusiasm and love for what you do.

If you are looking for support to write your own copy, or you would like 'done for you' copy that will attract your ideal clients, you can find out more about my workshops and packages here:



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