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What's the difference between a copywriter, a copy-coach and a copy editor and how can they help you with marketing your small business?

As a copywriter, I come across many small business owners whose copy just isn’t working for them. They may not be ready to hire a copywriter yet, but the copy they have isn’t reaching their ideal clients. Without enough sales, they are either reluctant or unable to invest in professionally written copy, so it becomes a vicious circle.

If this sounds like you, then copy-coaching, copy-editing or proof-reading could help to improve the quality of your copy.

How does copywriting differ from copy-coaching, copy-editing and proof reading and which should I choose?

Budget is just one of the factors to consider, when deciding which service to opt for. Your pre-existing skills, the time you have available and the audience you are writing for are also important considerations. Delegating your copywriting to a professional copywriter could save you time and money, as it will allow you to devote your time to other areas of your business. Here is an outline of each of the main copy services available:


Copywriting is a ‘done for you’ service. A professional copywriter will take the time to get to know you as the business owner, as well as finding out about your products or services. They will ask about your ideal clients and establish what will help you to stand out from your competitors. They will write all of your copy for you, reflecting your voice, vision and values in a way that will attract your ideal clients and help to generate more sales. Choosing a copywriter who is used to writing for your target audience is very beneficial, as they will be skilled in knowing the tone, language and approach to use, in order to have the most impact.

Employing a copywriter isn’t just for large businesses, many small business owners invest in copy too, for their websites, blog posts, landing pages, press release statements and more.


Copy-coaching is a less expensive way to achieve more compelling copy, while still writing it yourself. You can hire someone to teach you to write a full range of copy, or you can attend group workshops or programmes to receive guidance and support.

A copy-coach will give you the tools and techniques to use and offer advice around content and structure, but they won’t write your copy for you.

Many copywriters are also copy-coaches and may offer a copy-editing service too, which is valuable in achieving a more professional touch.


Copy editing involves taking a piece of draft copy and improving it. This is done by using strategies such as changing the word order, varying the sentence openers and removing repetition, to improve the readability and flow of the text. Copy editors will also check for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. 


Proof reading involves checking the text for errors with grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Why I created copy coaching workshops

Through running a Facebook group for small business owners whose ideal clients are parents, I identified a need for low-priced, high quality, copy coaching workshops.

As a former teacher, an author and a copywriter, I have vast experience of writing for a parent audience, from website and blog copy, to copy for landing pages, press release statements and even box packaging for a new baby product.

My copy-coaching workshops are perfect for people on a tight budget, who want support, prompts, guidance and structure, to help them to write copy that will attract their potential clients and lead to sales.

I offer a range of copywriting services, copy-coaching workshops, copy-editing and support with messaging. Please see my website for more information:

More information about all of my workshops and website copy-coaching packages can be found here, under Copy Coaching Workshops:



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