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Busting the myths around freelance copywriting

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

When I tell people that I’m a copywriter, I’m often met with a blank expression, or questioned about what a copywriter is. Other people presume that I deal with copyright. The thing is, unless people are in business themselves, then ‘copy’ and ‘copywriting’ tend to be unfamiliar terms to them.

Once I’ve explained that I write the words for websites, blogs, landing pages, press release statements and anything else that business owners need in a written form, then it becomes clearer.

However, there are still many misconceptions around the profession, some of which I’m covering here in this post.

Myth - Copy can’t be authentic if it’s not written by the owner of the company

This depends on the copywriter and on the honesty and openness of the business owner.

To enable me to write effective and authentic copy, I take the time to listen to and really get to know the person behind the business, what they offer and who their potential clients are.

Having a 90-minute call with my client and open communication after the call, allows me to reflect their voice, vision and values in their website copy, which is what makes it authentic and relatable.

Myth - Only big companies can afford to hire a copywriter

It’s actually very common for small business owners to hire a copywriter, especially if they are running a business single-handedly or have little experience in marketing.

Delegating copy to an experienced professional, frees up more time for them to deal directly with paying clients, manage their admin and finances and generate more business through networking.

For lots of small business owners, it makes good economic sense to hire a copywriter.

Myth – Copywriters have a writing style that they use with all clients

I’ve sometimes been asked for examples of my previous work, which reflect my style as a copywriter.

Although I’m happy to provide examples of my writing, I always have to explain that they won’t find a consistent style. That’s because I’m writing with my client’s tone of voice, which is different for every single client and will be different again for them.

Myth – When the first draft is sent to a client, the writing process is over

The offer of tweaks or revisions after the first draft, is an integral part of the copywriting process.

This is to ensure that the copy is completely accurate and that there have been no misunderstandings or misconceptions, during the transfer of information to the copywriter. This is also the stage where the client might request a few alterations around how one or two things are phrased, especially if it’s a phrase that they commonly say to their clients.

It’s this attention to detail that’s key to creating authentic copy.

Myth - You should be able to do everything yourself and therefore shouldn't need to hire a copywriter

My clients are hardworking, intelligent and busy people. They are highly skilled in the areas that they work in and offer valuable services or products that they want to reach more people with. Some of the reasons my clients have hired me to write their copy include:

  • They are very busy and choose to delegate copywriting, so they can focus on other areas of their business

  • They speak English as their 2nd or 3rd language and would rather their copy be written by a native English speaker

  • They don’t enjoy writing, or lack confidence with it, so prefer to spend time doing the parts of their business that they enjoy and are good at – which is also effective time-management

  • They recognise my skills and experience in writing for a parent audience and know the benefit of professionally written copy that is tailored to their ideal clients

If you’d like to know more about the services I offer as a copywriter, please see my website for more information: or email if you’d like to have a chat about your business copy.


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