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Does your personality come through in your website copy? Why sharing your story with your potential clients matters.

Updated: Apr 30

In conversation, we can often chat freely about ourselves and our business journey, yet when it comes to writing about these things, something holds us back. We can start to freeze, the words don't flow as easily and our language becomes stilted, more formal and not reflective of our personality.

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Is there something holding you back from sharing your story with your potential clients?

If there is, you are definitely not alone. Many of the small business owners that I work with are fearful of sharing their story on their website, so their 'About Me' page reads more like a C.V. Sometimes this is because they're afraid of oversharing and they are not sure what they should include, so they keep it very basic. Some, who have come from a more corporate role, are used to writing generic reports, so bringing feelings and emotion into their writing feels alien to them. Others think that talking about themselves will make them sound self-absorbed, rather than customer focused.

Why is it important for us to get past these feelings and start to share a little more?

As small business owners, it's our story that makes us stand out from other online business owners, especially if we are service-based. It makes us relatable to our ideal clients, which will help to inspire their trust and confidence in what we are offering. This is especially true for coaches and for people whose ideal clients are parents.

One of my favourite things about being a copywriter and a copy coach, is helping people to feel more clear, comfortable and confident, in sharing their story with their potential clients.

This is the story of one of my copy coaching clients:

Thank you Helen Emery, from The Painted Dragonfly, for allowing me to share your lightbulb moment, your 'before' and 'after' 'About Me' pages and the positive impact on your business.

I met Helen at online networking. I knew her as a fun, engaging and supportive person, with a cracking sense of humour and bags of personality. In the one-to-one breakout rooms, her passion for her mobile pottery painting business was contagious. She joined a copy coaching programme that I was running and she showed me her existing 'About Me' page (below). I was surprised to find that it didn't sound at all like the Helen I'd come to know. Her voice, and, more importantly, her energy and passion, were not coming through and it was holding her back in her business.

Before (Helen's copy is brief and doesn't really reflect her personality):

After the very first session, Helen messaged me, saying, "I've just written an Instagram post and I felt different!"

I read her post and the difference practically jumped out of the page at me!

So, I asked her what she thought the difference was. She said that she felt like she'd been given 'permission' to write in a different way. She had let go of her corporate style and let the passionate and creative Helen shine through.

Fast forward to the end of the programme.

In her own words, Helen said, "I felt empowered to write as 'me' rather than the former chartered engineer, used to writing factual (dare I say 'boring') reports."

Here's the new version of her 'About Me' page.

After (Helen's new copy reflects her energy and passion):

Helen's new copy reflects her creativity as a crafter, with the precision care of an engineer. It's relatable and it has inspired trust and confidence in the schools, families and the corporate clients that she works with.

Helen says that her business has grown massively and as a result of her updated website copy, she commented, "there is a marked increase in visitors contacting me." Now, she has been able to leave behind her part-time job, to focus solely on The Painted Dragonfly and her business continues to grow. Take a look at her website, to see what Helen offers:

If you would like support with your message clarity and confidence, I offer a £95 Message Clarity Package, including a website copy audit, with easy-to-action pointers, plus a 90-minute, 1-1 call with me, to chat with you about your journey to where you are now, your motivation, your ideal clients and your USP. I also offer copy-coaching workshops and 'done for you' website copy. You can find out more on my website: or contact me here, to discuss your copy needs:


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